Rasa Developer Certification

Completed Rasa Developer Certification from Udemy. Haven’t received certificate from RASA yet.

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Hey @vdeepthi, congrats on completing the certification. Looks like the certificate should have been emailed to you about a day after you posted this. If you still haven’t received it, please let us know.

I have same problem. A week ago, I did the certification but I still haven’t earned the Rasa certificate. :cry:

Hey @karen-white, I am also looking for the same. Can you please Update us on this!

Thanks & Regards, Hemant Kumar

Hi @HemantAHK, could you double check that you’ve filled out the form we sent you after you finished the course? Check your messages in Udemy - you should find it there :slight_smile:

For anyone else who comes across this thread, if you’ve filled out the form to request a certificate from Rasa (the form we send you after you finish the course), you should be good to go! We process the certificates in batches, so it can take a few weeks for the certificate to reach you. If it’s been longer than 3 weeks, please send us a message through Udemy and we’ll look into it for you!


Thank you for your kind reply. Actually, that’s my bad, Looks like I missed to fill up the form which was sent in messages :slight_smile:

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@karen-white Hii, I had completed the rasa course from Udemy 2 weeks ago, yet I have not received my certificate and swage :slightly_frowning_face: can you please look into it? I had got a mail that you will receive the certificate within two weeks but I did not get any.

Hey Prathamesh, it looks like you’ve already received your coupon code and certificate. If you don’t see it in your email, let us know!

Yes, I have got it. Thank you so much. Is it possible for me to buy a hoodie with that coupon as I am already going to get on RASA shirt as part of some other program.

Great, glad you received it! You can use the coupon to take $15 off any item in the swag store - a t-shirt or a hoodie if you wish. Since the hoodie costs a bit more, you’ll have the option to pay the difference on the checkout page after the coupon has been applied. We also have a few lower cost items like the tech rollup if you’d prefer.

i have also completed Rasa Developer and Advanced Deployment Certifications from Udemy. Haven’t received certificates from RASA yet (i filled the form already). How long it takes to get the badges and swag, thank you.

@karen-white Some of my co-workers ended the rasa certification workshop on udemy and didn’t received the form. How they can proceed?

Hi @lara, the form link should be in their Udemy message inbox, but if they didn’t receive it, please email info@rasa.com and we can look it up manually.

Hi @karen-white, I have completed my training on Udemy on December 10 and haven’t received my certificate and badge from Rasa till now. Please advise.

Hi @MariamHar, I can have my colleague follow up on it for you. Just to confirm, did you fill out the form we sent via Udemy? It would have been in the message you received when you completed the course.

Hi @karen-white yes I have completed the form and received an email saying they will send me the certificate. It has been two weeks and haven’t received it. Thank you!

Thanks Mariam! Confirmed that we received your request - the certificate should go out with the next batch :slight_smile:

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Hey @karen-white, do you know when will be the next batch of certificates?

Hi @lara , our team has been a bit backed up after the Rasa Summit last week. We expect the next batch to go out soon. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @karen-white ,

Would it be possible to get the new presentation slides from Rasa developer certification 2.0 on Udemy ?