Certificate email not received from RASA

I have completed the Rasa Certification on udemy on 30th May and Advanced Rasa Certification 2nd June 2021 and got my udemy certificate as well.

I have not yet received original Rasa certification.

Although I have applied for the same on Rasa Certified Developer Swag the same day. Could you please look into It.

Best Regards, Nitin

@Nitin_Garg Heya! You will get the certificate soon. They have started the process for sending the certificate and certificate badges. Do check the Junk mail also of your register email id may be it landed their. Regards Nik

Hey @nik202

just completed my certification as well. How long it will take to get certificate from RASA and Udemy Biz. Thanks

Best Regards, Ravi

@krkc Just completed the course on Udemy with exam? @krkc Did you got the message in inbox on Udemy and you filled it the link? Hope you will get in 10-15 days max.

i haven’t received any notification from Udemy @nik202

@krkc Did you attempt the Udemy exam? It should come in your inbox for sure, else mail the Udemy for confirmation, tell the course details and may be they will check for you incase they didn’t sent you the message.