How to earn Rasa Developer Badge

Hi I have just passed the RASA Certified developer exam from Udemy But How do I earn the developer badge? Certificate.pdf (193.3 KB)

@sid321axn Hello Manu! Many congratulations on your achievement :bouquet:! Whilst you had finished the Udemy course and exam, you should received the message from Rasa Team about the next step with the link , do check your Udemy Account and fill the details and your certificate and merchandise will be at your door step.

I just want to add, if your Forum email is different than your Udemy email, you should message the Rasa team on Udemy.

Hi @nik202 I already received the email from RASA team with link and I have filled the details too. But my question is how can I get the badge in rasa community forum over my profile pic ?

Nope My email is same for both rasa forum and udemy account

You’ll just have to wait.

They give the badges in batches, not one by one.

OK thanks