How Handle button and images in rasa?

I built a custom bot using rasa. In my bot integrated ui is working fine for simple questions. In my bot need to use button and images. i tried similer to mood bot but not working. how will handle button and images. Please advice me.

Can you be a bit more specific? Are you able to reproduce the results of moodbot?

how to use buttons and images in bot’s response.i have trained my bot based on the example which is used in mood bot. In my UI page it is showing the response like direct yml utter message values…

I am facing the same problem I have created buttons and image in the domain file but it is not shown in the UI

It is upto your UI to intepret the response and render it however it wants - this is not a Rasa functionality for your own UI. Some of the chat channels that ship with rasa do it for you because they send the data in the form it expects.

I am directly used my answer yml file button and img tags its working fine in my ui. you also try the same approach…

Can you please provide an example code for that