Chatbot Widget for Rasa using Rest Channel

Hi Community,

I have developed a ChatBot widget easy to connect to RASA bot through Rest Channel.

Check it out the code here:


Thanks :slight_smile:


nice work @JiteshGaikwad

Hey @btotharye, thanks.

How to get conversation history made in Chatbot Widget @JiteshGaikwad

@Saranya96 you can use tracker store for that and could please open another topic for this discussion since this topic is related to the chatbot widget. :slight_smile:

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Hi @JiteshGaikwad

I have implemented to handle EXTERNAL_reminder in chatbot widget.

Have been using it! Good stuff!

Great Stuff Jitesh, I’ve started using it, but now I am facing a CORS issue when accessing the Chatbot from the outside, locally it works fine, any ideas?