Chatbot Widget for Rasa using Rest Channel

Hi Community,

I have developed a ChatBot widget easy to connect to RASA bot through Rest Channel.

Check it out the code here:


Thanks :slight_smile:


nice work @JiteshGaikwad

Hey @btotharye, thanks.

How to get conversation history made in Chatbot Widget @JiteshGaikwad

@Saranya96 you can use tracker store for that and could please open another topic for this discussion since this topic is related to the chatbot widget. :slight_smile:


Hi @JiteshGaikwad

I have implemented to handle EXTERNAL_reminder in chatbot widget.

Have been using it! Good stuff!

Great Stuff Jitesh, I’ve started using it, but now I am facing a CORS issue when accessing the Chatbot from the outside, locally it works fine, any ideas?

Are you got solution how to handle reminder in this chatbot widget? @Saranya96 @JiteshGaikwad

Excellent job!

Hi @JiteshGaikwad great work. I have faced one issue that I feel is worth sharing. The sender_id is hardcoded in script.js.

const sender_id = “jitesh97”; Issue faced : This creates confusion is rasa db while filtering unique sessions and also using Tracker Object inside custom actions. This can be made dynamic using uuid generator so that new session starts with unique id . Imagine 100 users talking to bot using same sender_id in parallel , It may cause unintended behavior of assistant.

@amardeep I have added uuid generator for sender_id, please check the updated code, thanks.

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Awesome !!! You are a Rockstar Jitesh . I will check

It was asked a few times by others, but no answers… how do you get links in this widget? Tried as buttons with payload url, tried with link name and tried with custom actions… none of this worked. I really like the widget, but I also really need links.

@Prototyp42 Welcome to the community. Sorry If you didn’t find an answer but I had replied way back in Dec’20 in a post, you can have a look here


@JiteshGaikwad this git link not working .could you plz consider this matter??

Hi @JiteshGaikwad , Thank you very much for your bot UI code. And i’m new to RASA dev. Could you please help me on the below queries. 1> How do we complete initial payload using the UI created by you. 2> Also, the instructions you have provided on adding buttons didn’t worked for me. Am i missing something on it. It will be helpful if you can provide steps to do the same. Thanks again Best Regards, Ravi

Hi @JiteshGaikwad , could you help me, please. I want to show the link (url) in the text response from my chat-bot and my user must have click on it. How do I make it in your widget? May be you have other ways to do it. Thanks!

@a1exsta Welcome to our community!

Are you using Jitesh widget or another widgets and what is your rasa. --version?

@nik202 Hi :wave: Yes, I use Jitesh widget and Rasa v2.8.2