Rasa Community in Mumbai, India

Hi All, I would love to discuss & communicate with you all. Feel free to interact / post questions / any help. Also introduce yourself once you join this community. Discuss any ideas / building cool stuff with Rasa.

Quick Intro : Myself Archish, working as Software Engineer at BrowserStack. Previously was working with JPMorgan Chase & Co. I have been playing with Rasa for quite a while, deployed support queries bot for financial institution. Also built Nora - Self Awareness COVID-19 Bot.

Have you built bot with something cool stuffs?

Hi there, I am Dishant Rasa Hero and Conversation AI Dev at NeuralSpace. Also, student of last year in BSc.IT Mumbai. Everyday I play with Rasa and sometimes find something new integration. Have built Integration for Android App, and working on Discord integration. I did built a rank bot for Discord but it is still in progress

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