Rasa Community in Gujarat

Hi Guys, I’m currently working in a Startup working in a Startup in Gujarat. We’re building on-prem chat bots and voice bots solutions for enterprises.

I would love to meet the other people who work in Rasa and discuss about the ideas and other cool bots stuff!!

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hello, i am also working in rasa, can you tell me about your work on rasa? I mean which type of project currently you working on and etc…

Even i am also working on rasa and facing some difficulty on mongotrackerstore.i would appreciate if someone can help.faster way to get response is via whatsapp-7030308678

The quickest way to get started with RASA. Refer this Blog - Build a chatbot with Rasa stack — The Beginners Guide - Medium

If you need any help you can connect with me.

Hello, gujjus…

I am from Valsad. I am ML researcher. If anyone want to discuss new problems then I happy to here it.

Thank you.

@mukherjeesoumya how we connect you? send any number ya LinkedIn profile.

Hello Everyone, I m Kumar Saurav. We run a datascience company in new Delhi. for Past one year we started developing simple bots for various enterprises using dialogflow. We are trying to shift our operations to Rasa. Would love to connect with learners and expert here. Will need help in deployment and database. Can help with Api calls and other basic stuff.

My linkdln profile.: https://www.linkedin.com/in/athenasaurav/