Rasa chat gui

Yeah that’s what I meant. Is that what you’re doing?

? ^^

Yes, thats it what I do? I send text like this.

@ChrisRahme What do you mean?

Why are you sending <p> Hello </p>? Just send Hello. The Widget works fine if you just send Hello without <p>.

I do not know what to answer as I am speachless…

It can happen that you want to structure whole paragraphs to have a p? Otherwise multiple senetnces are just next to each other?

No, don’t use <p>.

Jitesh’s ChatbotWidget works fine. If you’re not using HTML tags in your bot’s response, and you still have issues, maybe you modified part of the widget’s code by mistake. Did you consider downloading the widget again from the repo?

You can also use my modified version of the widget here.