Rasa independant Web Integration

I’m working on a project with extremely sensitive information and thus cannot use other external sources as mediators between my website and the rasa core. Does anyone know of any example projects that can help me do the web integration of the chatbot with the webpage?

I’ve taken a look at the HTTP API page of the Docs but its all Greek and Latin to me (no offense to the Greek and Latin literates) since I don’t have any programming knowledge as a web developer. I’m hoping to learn based on example projects.

Hi @GauravRoy48. Have your checked the Rasa Webchat? It’s an open source widget which you can use to integrate an assistant on your website: https://rasa.com/docs/rasa/user-guide/connectors/your-own-website/ . A while ago I wrote a little guide on how to to do the integration. Let me know if you need more detailed help with making the integration work :slight_smile:

This looks promising. I’ll try to use this as a guide. Thanks a lot!

<script src="https://storage.googleapis.com/mrbot-cdn/webchat-0.5.3.js"></script>

What does this line do? I do not want google to have any sort of access to my conversations due to confidentiality reasons.

Apologies for being ignorant on the matter. This is the first time I’m attempting any sort of web development.

Also I’m not permitted to use socket.io due to the same confidentiality reasons mentioned above. Is there any other way that allows me to maintain confidentiality

Hi Juste,

I have implemented the webchat and it works fine. However, every time I open the html page, the previous conversations are present in the chat. Is there a way to clear the conversations every time the page reloads?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, in the script tag provided by web chat that you’ve embedded in your website, just make the storage attribute to “session” instead of “local”. That will clear your conversation when a user close the tab and reopen a new one. But clearing conversations on page reload, even I’m not sure how to do that.

<script src="https://storage.googleapis.com/mrbot-cdn/webchat-0.5.8.js"></script>
    selector: "#webchat",
    initPayload: "/get_started",
    interval: 1000, // 1000 ms between each message
    customData: {"userId": "123"}, // arbitrary custom data. Stay minimal as this will be added to the socket
    socketUrl: "http://localhost:5500",
    socketPath: "/socket.io/",
    title: "Title",
    subtitle: "Subtitle",
    inputTextFieldHint: "Type a message...",
    connectingText: "Waiting for server...",
    hideWhenNotConnected: true,
    fullScreenMode: false,
    showFullScreenButton: false,
    profileAvatar: "http://to.avat.ar",
    openLauncherImage: 'myCustomOpenImage.png',
    closeLauncherImage: 'myCustomCloseImage.png',
    displayUnreadCount: true, // --> [view](./assets/unread_count_pastille.png)
    showMessageDate: false,
    params: {
      images: {
        dims: {
          width: 300,
          height: 200,
      storage: "session"

Can someone tell what that src =“https://storage.googleapis.com/mrbot-cdn/webchat-0.5.3.js” is? And now in the recent webchat, it is src=“https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/rasa-webchat/lib/index.min.js” what’s the difference between that and how that helps?