Need some logical advise - Combination python/JS with Rasa

Hello there,

As a short Skill overview:

For a beginner to intermediate project at university (i have a bit experience in JS and Py, others DB, others php) we have to code a chatbot, with ability of an assessment, statistics and so on.

While searching for possible Chatbot-Frameworks we took a look on nlp.js, newbot and finally RASA, which directly convinced us the most!

The question for me and for you here:

Setting up Stories, Rules and Actions is perfectly understandable and “easy”. Connection with an GUI via webhooks also.

For the Assessment, i want to create a Pop-Up Modal via HTML and JS, which gets filled with the Question and Answers. I do not want it within the Chat - there the story goes from hello to choose chapter and question → then the Question appears as modal.

Now: Is there any way to call a JS Function (Modal) from the Like on click of Button “Question 1” i want the to get data from somewhere (which is no problem), then call the JS Function with the Modal appearence and some variables.

Is this Kind of thinking terribly wrong? Is it possible with py and JS or is it possible without one of those two?

Thank you very much for any ideas or help!

Greetings from Germany Jonas