Need help making the chatbot widget more functional

Hello! I found the chatbot widget and got it working with my rasa files. The only trouble I am having is using the functions for WebChat outside of the Index.html. I want to have the widget closed until the user presses a button on another page. I know in theory I would just put when button is clicked and it will do that but the issue is that I am using angular. The only place the widget works is in the index.html and I do not have my button there. I’ve been stuck on this issue for a while and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Janiel, how did you make the chatroom widget working? I have followed all the instructions and I don’t get any response from the widget to my questions. I am not even sure whether the index.html with javascript is even sending messages to the BOT. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I followed the instructions in this article - Connecting Rasa to a website: A step by step tutorial | by milind soorya | Analytics Vidhya | Medium

Thanks much