Rasa GUI integration

Hi I am developing a chatbot for a school can someone please tell me an effective ,quick and easy method to make a graphical user interface and how to integrate it with the rasa code I have written ??

@SyedBilalHasan Do you have any thoughts? or consideration of GUI? @SyedBilalHasan Are you comfortable with HTML,CSS and JS? Thanks.

You will first need to install Rasa on a server using one of three options:

There are multiple frontends you can use:

Or, of course, you can build your own one. Communicating with the Rasa server is pretty easy in itself - Just GETs and POSTs :slight_smile: It can be done via anything: Web, mobile, smart car, … as long as it has access to the server and you know how to build software for it.

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Hi @nik202 so i have made a basic GUI with tkinter in python more specifically in Pycharm but i do not know how to integrate my Rasa code and my GUI .If you could tell me how to display the conversations of my chatbot on the GUI using python that would be very appreciative. I am not very comfortable with HTML , CSS and JS but if you have any recommendations for that I would be glad to see them

Hi @ChrisRahme do you have any resources were they explain this in a bit more detail although your explanation is great it would be better if you could provide me a google link or a youtube tutorial where i could understand this better.

@SyedBilalHasan Hey! Thanks for the reply. I’d suggest that see this and use this widget; which is easy to implement and even customisable as per your use case. If you need any further help please let us know: Rasa chatbot website integration | Quick tutorial - YouTube

@SyedBilalHasan Even you can see the options suggested by Chris.

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The core of the applications are REST messages.

You send (POST) a JSON object containing the Sender ID and the User Message:

{"sender": sender_id, "message": message}

and you will receive (GET) a JSON object container the response, which can be made up of the text, buttons, and anything you can specify in your response in the Domain or Custom Action.

You can try it with Postman.

The rest just depends on your programming skills and not related to Rasa at all :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that

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@SyedBilalHasan So what you have decided from the above options and suggestion? :wink: Hope you will share the bot running with your selected GUI. Good Luck!

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Of course i will share it once its made completely

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I would really appreciate it if you rename my Name to Dishant Gandhi😅

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Oops haha! Done :slight_smile:

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