Rasa 2.0.3- While converting the nlu to .YAML format in Rasa 2.0-Get the error output path does not exist. Do we have to create the folder and file and then run the migration command or will it get created automatically the _converted nlu.yaml file

I have used the command to migrate the nlu.md file found in data folder to nlu.yml using the following command but this command does not work out in spite of having the file in the corresponding folder,get the error the file or path does not exist


rasa data convert nlu -f yaml --data=./data/nlu --out=./data/nlu but get the following error The output path ‘data\stories’ doesn’t exist. Please make sure to specify an existing directory and try again.

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Any ways to run this without errors would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Ah, it looks like you’re specifying a file (without an ending) rather than a directory. If you remove the “/nlu” parts from the --data and --out arguments I think it should work for you.

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@rctatman - Thanks for the response Rachael! The nlu and stories got migrated to the YAML format.

Thanks so much !

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Great, glad to hear you got it working! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :smiley: