Importing DialogFlow Export in RASA

Hello everyone, I am new to RASA open source and I was trying to import my DialogFlow project in RASA by following the steps given here (Rasa as open source alternative to Google Dialogflow - Migration Guide). As per the documentation after adding my DialogFlow export in ‘Data’ and running the ‘rasa train nlu’ command I get this issue (The path ‘config.yml’ does not exist. Please make sure to use the default location (‘config.yml’) or specify it with ‘–config’.)

These are the files in my venv where the RASA demo-bot is created and I added my DilogFlow export in the ‘Data’ file as explained by RASA documentation. Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 6.20.04 PM

hey @kavish, just to double check, where are you running rasa train nlu from? Make sure you are at the top of your rasa folder instead of inside the data folder.

Hey @desmarchris , yes I figure I’m on top of that folder, in my case its namely - rasaf.

sorry just to confirm, can you send the output including the command when you run rasa train?

@desmarchris thank you for helping out. I actually deleted everything and started working with Anaconda. Everything works just fine now. Thank you once again.

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ah weird! glad you could get it working!