Rasa data convert nlg -f yaml --data=./data --out=./data not working

Hi Team, I have rasa application contains forms and actions. I try to migrate rasa1.x to 2.x. As per rasa document I followed below commands to convert from 1.x to 2.x

below two commands are working properly. rasa data convert core -f yaml --data=./data --out=./data rasa data convert nlu -f yaml --data=./data --out=./data

but nlg not working.

rasa data convert nlg -f yaml --data=./data --out=./data getting below error. I have changed directory also, still getting error.

rasa data convert nlg -f yaml --data=./data --out=./data fatal: bad revision ‘HEAD’ Skipped file: ‘data\category_converted.yml’. Skipped file: ‘data\nlu.md’. Skipped file: ‘data\nlu_converted.yml’. Skipped file: ‘data\stories.md’. Skipped file: ‘data\stories_converted.yml’. Didn’t convert any files under ‘data’ path. Did you specify the correct file/directory?

Can any one help me to sort out this.

thanks, subbu.

Hi @subbu_y80 it looks like since you’ve run a conversion command before, and are outputting the converted files to the input folder data, it’s not able to process all the files. Can you specify different output and input directories, and make sure the input directory is clean of any converted files?

Hi @mloubser, Can you please provide sample code. Like how the structure is.

Thanks, Subbu.

You’re using the right code, you just need to clean up your data directory. As in, delete everything in there that is not markdown, then run

mkdir data_converted
rasa data convert core -f yaml --data=./data --out=./data_converted
rasa data convert nlu -f yaml  --data=./data --out=./data_converted

Thanks @mloubser.

Hi @mloubser ,

I am also facing a similar issue. but my data folder only contains nlu.md and stories.md files. Still it does not works and just skips. not sure what is the thing that I missed. Could you please help me out too.


Please post the content of your nlu.md and stories.md file, it could be the format there is incorrect and not recognized