How do I convert md nlu data to yml?

I have tried using:

rasa data convert nlu -f yaml --data=old_data --out=data

but it gives error as: Unknown data format for file ‘old_data/’

Hi! Welcome to rasa community :smiley:

Can you check if this command works?

mkdir data_converted
rasa data convert core -f yaml --data=./data --out=./data_converted
rasa data convert nlu -f yaml  --data=./data --out=./data_converted


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Thanks Jhonny, It doesn’t work. It gives the same error message.

Hi Jhonny. Found the solution. Apparently, to convert an MD training data to yml, I need to use Rasa Version 2.x. for conversion as stated in the Migration Guide here: Migration Guide

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Thanks Nllima! I cannot believe they didn’t mention in the training data files conversion that Rasa 3.0 cannot deal with markdown data conversion anymore.