"rasa data convert nlu" dosn't work

I download nlu data from “RASA NLU Trainer”, it is a json file. I use “rasa data convert nlu --format yaml” to convert the file, a error happens. why?

Can anyone share a tool for prepare nul data?

Thank you.

hy @gerrycheung, can you show the error log that is presented to you?

hi, @SamuelNoB , the following is the command i used and the error

(rasa) E:\RasaProjects\Horoscope\data>rasa data convert nlu --format yaml
Could not recognize output format. Supported output formats: 'json' and 'yaml'. Specify the desired output format with '--format'.

Thank you

i took a look at the source code and it looks like the piece of code that should handle your request doesnt format the data do yaml, only json, despite the error saying it accepts the yaml format. since this is a rasa bug you can wait for it to be patched or use your data as JSON

thank you Samue

Yes, this is a BUG. yaml not supported.

Also, if I use json, it complains about my md file format, which used to work well. For example:

## intent:calculate
  - [3](num1)[足す](plus)[4](num2)はなーんだ?
  - [3](num1)[足す](plus)[3](num2)は?