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Hey guys, I hope this is the right place to write this post. I have recently started a project on my own to create a virtual conversational assistant in Romanian. I work decently with Python, but still struggle to find the best way to learn RASA. I usually go by tutorials, but the RASA for beginners on udemy is for version 1.x and the current version is 2.2 which I find more intuitive because it focuses on using yml files.

I have followed the tutorial, used the following blog post to migrate it to 2.x and still get lots of issues with the code.

What would be the best way to learn RASA from scratch considering the new version? I am open to chat anywhere, I understand concepts and mechanics really fast and would appreciate the help! Getting as many developers to learn this framework will expose it to a greater public!

If this is not the right place for the post, please warn me and I will delete/move it to another category!

Hi @georgebrianb, you’re right that many of the resources are about 1.x (though it doesn’t necessarily render all of them out-dated!). I think the Rasa folks are working hard on updating as many of these as possible to be 2.x-compatible, but it takes time…

In the meantime, I think your best bet are the Rasa docs, which are always up-to-date and should be a solid resource, though in a different format to a tutorial. If you’ve got any questions while reading the docs, just search this forum or post a new question :slight_smile:

Thank you @SamS, I am currently installing the 1.10.14 and will give the masterclass a try and learn to migrate it afterwards. I just have to understand the concepts and migrating won’t be hard then.

Someone on the Discord community informed me of a RASA summit so maybe I will get to learn more then!

In general, I’d rather go with 2.x and a slightly less ideal format (docs vs masterclass), but the final decision is up to you :wink: This being said, the summit will be great and I definitely recommend attending at least parts of it!

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Just signed up today, looking forward to get that certification and more hands-on! Thanks!

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