Making a Rasa Chatbot using Java

Hi everyone I actually am working on a project in which I need to make a FAQ chatbot in java. Something like querying the data from a mysql database with the help of a chatbot. The requirement is using Java. I read many articles about connecting Rasa to Java using API however I was hoping to know what all files do I need to create for all this in Java and if someone has already made a chatbot in Java using Rasa please feel free to provide a github repo link or any other links .It will be very helpful. Many thanks

I once tried out this one GitHub - rbajek/rasa-java-sdk: Java SDK for the development of custom actions for Rasa and it worked like a charm.

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thank you so much

Hey @corespacepk Perhaps this answer is a little bit late, but if you’re still interested in a Rasa Java bridge, you can look here: and here:

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Is it worth learning to program in Java?

In general, Java is a cross-platform language with many libraries and a large community of developers.