Chatbot with RASA

Hi guys! So I saw this new conversational AI made by which gives huge features to the bot with voice assistance. Check out this video- Just got blown by this technology! So my question is " Will we be able to do create these features with rasa stack in the near future or should I just shift to a paid chat bot service like dialogflow etc"?

I am not sure what features really impressed you? the conversations?

or speech to text? text to speech?

I don’t think it is fair to compare different platforms like that. The question usually is what is your need, how much are you willing to pay, data governance, privacy concerns, data sensitivity, your legacy applications. Bear in mind, chatbots are merely an interface and each platform provides more or less similar set of features. with open source solutions, you have more control on the outcome but then you need more skills in your company as well.

Regardless, i don’t know what beholds Rasa in the future but the field is constantly evolving and more and more algorithms and techniques are coming to light. There is not just one strategy for chatbots, it will be oversimplyfing.

what you should focus on are your needs for building a chatbot. what features would be useful for your projects, Do you need speech to text/text to speech but you have data privacy concerns. There are also open source solutions for that. Are you looking for more integrations to your internal systems? but your systems are hosted on premise and you cannot be exposed to the public cloud? Such is our case.

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I’m not trying to compare. I’m actually building a customer bot which can answer all the questions regarding my app (including connections to my database). This is the basic idea and in the future, I’ll be adding text-to-speech, scheduling and various other features. So I asked the question in the wrong way. Will I be able to do it with RASA as I’m not that great in coding. I asked about other platforms because you don’t have to code that much in there!