Some Questions for the start

Hey fellows, im new to all this AI Stuff an need some Assistance. I´m a developer and a admin of a bigger discord server. I want to implement a discord bot, that can communicate with others. I have tested the cleverbot API, but, uhm, that gets weired. I have seen this project, but it is not clear to me, if this can help me.

What i want: Create a bot that can talk with others. Primary in a smalltalk channel first. Maybe later in tehem based channels (question channel at most). What i dont want to do: Sitting here day after day and fill up conversations to the ai. My idea is to use the whole discord server (1M messages i think) as a source that can i import to rasa. I have many channels that are topic related. Can rasa use this data to make build up conversations and context?

Are there some sources how to start with that and how to process all the data from some discord channels into rasa?

What can i do: I can programm ab bot, i can write an exporter do a definied target (sql, csv, textfiles or an api) and i think in can setup rasa und make an api from rasa to discordjs.

Thanks for your answers!