Python -m rasa shell works but not rasa shell

Hey guys, so I’m using VS Code to work on Rasa and followed the latest 2021 installation guide video on YouTube, making a new virtual environment with conda.

Now the thing is that I already downloaded rasa via pip install rasa and this is probably my 4th time downloading it into my virtual env with conda.

After downloading it, I typed “rasa shell” on the cmd terminal of my VS Code but it kept saying that “rasa is not recognized blah blah blah”, so I typed “python -m rasa shell” and it works perfectly!

Why is this happening? Is there any drawbacks of using “python -m rasa shell” instead of the usual “rasa shell”?


Welcome to the forum, Jack :slight_smile:

You can edit the virtual environment’s activation file to execute a custom command.

So, you can create a command called “rasa” to translate to “python -m rasa”.

Add the following to the end of your venv/Scripts/action.bat (on Windows):

doskey rasa=python -m rasa $*

@mushjoon Hello! Can you activate the conda environment and type rasa --version and share the output please. ( That you can even done using VS Code or base Anaconda terminal )