Help prevent an all-nighter

I have little hope anyone will see this in time but… I’ve been trying to install rasa for 5+ hours, with an assignment on the line and the possibility of pulling my 4rth all nighter of the month seeming more and more realistic. The issue is that once rasa is installed, running rasa train yields rasa is not recognized as as internal command... I’ve tried about everything, reinstalling python with different versions, using different devices, doing everything in admin mode and using a virtual environment – nothing works. I’m running out of ideas.

Hello and good luck with your assignment!

Rasa requires Python 3.6, 3.7, or 3.8.

Have you tried python -m rasa instead of just rasa?


Sorry for your struggle, but this is also learning.

  • The above issue is related to your environment and its path so, create the fresh one from starting.

Create project folder

create the fresh python virtual environment with python 3.7 or 3.8

conda create -name “Your_Environment_Name” python=3.8 or python==3.7

conda activate Your_Environment_Name

Install pip version to 20.0.2 or go by latest

pip install pip==20.0.2

Install rasa

     pip install rasa-sdk==2.8.1
     pip install rasa==2.8.0

check rasa version rasa --version

rasa init. # follow the steps as show in the instructions.


If you have own project copy to the project folder and then run below commands

rasa train

rasa shell --debug

I would encourage install the latest version of Rasa If you have started learning Rasa.

For running the code in VS code:

  1. Open the workspace i.e your project folder
  2. Type Ctrl+Shift+P Python interpreter will be open
  3. Select your Python environment or you can manual do this will activating environment for both teriminal conda activate <env name> for rasa and rasa action server.
  4. In terminal you will see your environment run rasa shell --debug if you not train train the model first whilst using rasa train

PS: Change the topic categories to Rasa Open Source

I hope it will solve your issue. Good Luck!