Post deployment rasa-app stuck in CrashLoopBackOff error due to a missing package

I have used rasa quick install script to deploy rasa in an inhouse ubuntu instance. Steps followed are:

  3. export DEBUG_MODE=true
  4. export ENABLE_DUCKLING=true
  5. export ACTION_SERVER_IMAGE=“xxx/cxxxserver”
  6. export ACTION_SERVER_TAG=“1”
  7. curl -s | sudo -E bash
  8. export KUBECONFIG=/etc/rancher/k3s/k3s.yaml

Now my actions folder and customcomp folders contain:


and it is being used to build the dockerhub public image via github actions:

I am able to see the custom action in dockerhub

But the rasa-app is showing Crashloopbackoff error

Logs tell that the fuzzywuzzy package is missing

My questions are as follows:

  1. is the rasa-app mentioned here referring to the action-server? Looks like that from the error logs

  2. Should I add another requirements text in the customcomp folder? How are dependencies in the customcomp resolved?

  3. How do I fix this package missing issue?

  4. Should I update the endpoints file from url: “http://localhost:5055/webhook” ?

Any suggestion would be helpful.

I am yet to connect to the github repository and upload a model from the rasa-x ui.

@akelad Can you help me out with this one?

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Hi @dearc, yes the app container references the custom action server. It seems like your action server image is missing a dependency. What happens if you try to docker run your xxx/cxxxserver image by itself? I think you’ll run into the same issue.

Rasa open source doesn’t have fuzzywuzzy package, so if you are using it in your actions, you will need to add it to your requirements-actions.txt.

Dependencies in a custom component require building a custom rasa/rasa image with those dependencies. In order to use that image you’ll have to configure the deployment of the helm chart directly (the server quick-install is a wrapper around this)

Thanks @erohmensing for the response.

I did 1 more thing and checked: this is the requirements-action.txt file in the action folder


I have now added this in the git action flow:

Done this and redeployed but now I am seeing these:

On running this in local docker getting this message: I guess this needs to be fixed

On the customcomp piece do you suggest that I follow Helm Chart Installation ( I did check this post but I could not find a place where I could specify the additional requirements of custom components.

Hi @erohmensing

I managed to get the action server deployed but still stuck with the customcomp piece due to missing packages.

Can you help me with this?