Custom action server not working!

Hi I am running RASA X on GCP using Kubernetes and I am having problems with action server.

Here is what I did:

  • Tested action server is working on my local machine
  • Created an action server image following this guide on my local machine.
  • Pushed the image file to docker hub
  • On the server, I rerun the deploy script like this:
    export ACTION_SERVER_IMAGE="foshlit/ai-assistant:0.0.1"

    # -E flag applies environment variables from the current user for `sudo`
    curl -s | sudo -E bash

These are the exact steps I took. Am I missing something? Could you please help?

I fixed this issue and got the action server running by doing the following:

  1. install docker on the server

  2. pull the image file from docker hub


  4. curl -s | sudo -E bash

I think there is some room for improvement in the docs on pages this and this.

Why I think is that during the second to last live coding session, @rctatman could not figure out why the action server was not running after trying the same steps and in the last session the action server was up and running and we could not figure out why it worked after following the same steps.

The only change that I made was to pull the docker image to the server. Is this what could have been missing on the live code?

@Juste and team, could you add more to the docs?