Custom Action Server won't run after following the RasaX Tutorial

Hi there!

I tried to use the RasaX tutorials to set up my Deployment for user testing, but I can’t get the Custom Action Server to run, it seems.

Here are the things I’ve done:

  • Followed the Google Cloud Compute Engine VM Installation guide to set up the VM. I only spared enabling TLS by now.

  • Followed the Rasa Ephemeral Installer guide to install RasaX on the VM

  • Connected my GitHub repository with RasaX and was able to train a model on RasaX and talk to the bot there.

  • Used the Deploying Your Action Server tutorial with GitHub Actions to automatically build an image and push it to my DockerHub repository. Although the job on GitHub throws me a warning (“One or more build-args [DOCKER_IMAGE_NAME DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG GITHUB_REF GITHUB_SHA] were not consumed”), the jobs seems to be finished and new entries show up in my DockerHub repository.

  • Because I set my DockerHub repository to private, I used Creating a Secret with a Docker config by kubernetes and Adding Image Pull Secrets for Private Registries to create the secret and the values.yml file which refers to it.

  • Then I deleted my RasaX deployment and set up a new one with “rasactl start --values-file values.yml” to make sure RasaX can access the Image Pull Secret (according to the tutorial)

  • Connected the new RasaX deployment to my GitHub repository as before.

Now I can talk to my bot in RasaX, but everytime he should use a custom action (like a form) it seems to fizzle. It predicts the right custom action with a confidence of 1.0, but then “rewinds” and enters action_listen without performing the action. So i assume that the action server isn’t running at all.

As I am very unexperienced with all the tools and systems interacting here, I’d like to know where I messed up and how I could check if the image build by GitHub and pushed to DockerHub is valid and if RasaX can access it correctly?


with kubectl you can interact with k8s (KIND) and debug the running rasa deployment.

check the rasa namespace for error events and if the pods are in a healthy state

kubectl -n rasax get events
kubectl -n rasax get pods

if you find that the custom server pod is not running or restarting you can check with

kubectl -n rasax describe pods <podname>

what container image is used and what error caused the pod to exit

kubectl cheat cheat to get you started

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