Pip takes long time

even i m facing same issue please check @rctatman


It maybe a problem with the latest version of Rasa! I forced the installation to take rasa version 0.34.0 and it worked fine!

It looks like this is being caused by the latest version of pip. A temporary fix is to downgrade your pip version to 20.2:

pip install --upgrade pip==20.2


This helped for me, thanks for the tip @rctatman

Maybe this is incorrect but I noticed I have to downgrade the pip version in the respective virtual environment as well. So make sure the virtual environment with rasa is active and:

  1. pip install --upgrade pip==20.2
  2. run pip -V to make sure the right version is installed
  3. run pip install -U rasa-x --extra-index-url https://pypi.rasa.com/simple

Installation time was now quick and under a minute. Without performing these steps I had to wait over an hour and still no result.


It’s indeed because of the new resolver introduced in the 20.3 release of pip. You don’t need to downgrade your pip version until pip 21.0 is released (that’s when they want to get rid of the old dependency resolver). You can just use the old resolver via --use-deprecated=legacy-resolver like so:

pip install --use-deprecated=legacy-resolver --user rasa-x --extra-index-url https://pypi.rasa.com/simple

The reason for it takes so much time is the new backtracking feature of the new resolver paired with a not much constrained rasa-x dependencies. They could constrain their deps more to mitigate the issue, but pip probably will do something that fixes these very exaustive installation processes.

For more info on the issue, see:


When I use your solution I get an error message that the legacy-resolver is unknown. Downgrading pip also didn´t work for my Rasa X installation due to creating loads of conflicts. When I tried to solve one conflict another ten would pop up.

Update: I used a lower pip v.20 and python 3.6.10 in anaconda prompt where i created a virtual environment. Installation worked with few conflicts.

first down grade pip and install required packages with downgraded pip

This worked perfectly, thanks! My previous install had been running for 30 minutes and this completed in under 1 minute.