Personalize rasa bot traits for different user

Hello, I want to ask for advice whether is it possible to store different bot traits for different user?

Here is what I did:

  1. I run Rasa API for mobile application
  2. Users signed in into their chatbot application
  3. Users chat with bot

I wonder how could the third process uniquely read stories from specific user and separated from other users for personalization.

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Hi @salmanhiro

May I know what kind of personalization you would like to offer ?

I want different replies for each user, in this case, the stories did not shared among users

Hi @salmanhiro

I didn’t quite get your requirement. Can you share couple of examples ?

Suppose that I run an API service with Rasa. User A access it through the application, and he chats with the bot. User B also access it through the application, and she also chats with the bot. A and B have their own stories. I want the stories for each user stored separately and trained separately.

I think the upcoming issue is about handling so many unique user database, but now let treat it as 2 user problem.