Handling multiple users chatting with BOT


Can you please help me to know how to handle multiple people having conversation with chatbot built using Rasa? How would chatbot know to which user to respond and what ?

Thanks, Pooja

I am no expert but as far as I know, rasa has built in tracker which will store user session data. It will store data in in memory storage space and can handle multiple users.

When you are using the rest api you have to provide a sender_id, this can be a session_id or any other identifier from your side:


This is pretty much handled by default in Rasa, using sender_id

Thanks @Tobias_Frank and kombucha for you reply. Its working good based on conversation id. My Rasa bot has been integrated with Symphony. In Symphony, we can create the Chat room in which users can add BOT to the room and ask the queries. Here, Rasa bot should respond based on conversation id and sender_id. Would you be able to help here?

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