Individual bot per user

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it possible (now or perhaps in the near future) to have an individual bot per user, so it can be fully personalised in terms of persona and training?

I.e. Is there a way of sharing broad knowledge across many bots, but being able to personalise individual bots at the individual user level?

Perhaps there’s a technical term for this I’m unaware of.


Hi @Shamb. I believe building a separate assistant for every use would be a very unscalable approach. In terms of personalisations, what kind or personalisation would you be looking for?

I think a better approach would be to include custom actions which would potentially pull the data from the database about user’s preferences and try to leverage those details in a conversation.

Thanks! Really what I want is customers to be able to train their own bot - from telling it its name, to teaching it things about the customer and their life (like a true human personal assistant). I think for the basic use cases you’re right, a database about user preferences would probably work ok.