Ngrok limits on connections

I’m trying to follow the instructions for getting ngrok up and using rasa x.

I’m not familiar with ngrok, but I periodically get this error

Too many connections! The tunnel session has violated the rate-limit policy of 20 connections per minute by initiating 83 connections in the last 60 seconds. Please decrease your inbound connection volume or upgrade to a paid plan for additional capacity.

I don’t understand what is causing these connections. I’m on the free version shows it supports 40 connections / min whereas paid is 60 connections / min. But I’m just testing this in incognito by myself. Any tip on if I’m doing something wrong?

Getting the same issue here. Did you solve yours?

You can use GitHub - mmatczuk/go-http-tunnel: Fast and secure tunnels over HTTP/2 it’s self hosted open source ngrok alternative.