502 bad gareway in ngkro

when i run the ngrok http 5002 and rasa run

when i try to open it in browser still give me 502 bad gateway

i need to use it to test with facebook is it worth ?

i got this error in the browser

Failed to complete tunnel connection

The connection to https://127b44361d2e.ngrok.io was successfully tunneled to your ngrok client, but the client failed to establish a connection to the local address localhost:5002.

Make sure that a web service is running on localhost:5002 and that it is a valid address.

The error encountered was: dial tcp [::1]:5002: connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Why are you trying the port 5002? are you tunneling Rasa X or Rasa Bot server? The Rasa bot by defaults runs on port 5005 unless you have changed it

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yes that’s true later i try port 5005 and it’s work.

thanks for your comment