Rasa X testing interface fails to render user's second message

I created a Rasa X link locally and for testing the bot with multiple users, I set up an ngrok. However, in the link that I set up, something seems to break in the UI. Here’s the behavior -

  1. Send first utterance as a user.

-> User’s utterance is shown on the chat widget and the bot’s responses are also rendered correctly.

  1. Type in and send second utterance as a user

-> User’s utterance is momentarily rendered on the chat widget as the bot shows the typing indicator. However, after a couple of seconds, the bot’s typing indicator and the second utterance by the user both disappear. I also start to see multiple 429 errors in the console GET (too many requests).

  1. Refresh the page

-> I get an error from ngrok that it sent too many requests in under 60 seconds.

The tunnel session has violated the rate-limit policy of 20 connections per minute by initiating 76 connections in the last 60 seconds. Please decrease your inbound connection volume or upgrade to a paid plan for additional capacity.

The error encountered was:  **ERR_NGROK_702**

Can someone please help? I’m unable to test this bot because of this error.

@gausie any ideas about this?

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Yes, the free ngrok limitations are being reached! We’re trying to work out a way to make this work with ngrok free but until then either pay for ngrok or use an alternative like https://serveo.net/

Thanks @gausie, @akelad. I’ll give serveo a shot and let you know if I’m unblocked.

@akelad I’m seeing a very similar behavior on serveo as well. No console errors this time, but the behavior on the UI (details below) makes it difficult to demo the bot or test it with the users.

UI Behavior -

This time again, the second utterance by the user disappears after a couple of seconds. I see the first utterance and the bot’s response on the UI and upon refreshing, I see the same thing. However, now if I type the second utterance again, it shows the second utterance, the bot’s response to the second utterance AND the second utterance text (the one I typed after refreshing) followed by the bot’s responses to the second second utterance.

Please advise. :confused:

Correction. There were some console errors that showed up a bit late. See below -

2.4211c2a7.chunk.js:1 The above error occurred in task N created by takeEvery(FETCH CONVERSATION, N) created by m created by takeLatest(persist/REHYDRATE,FETCH ENTERPRISE TOKEN SUCCESS,FETCH TEMPORARY ACCESS TOKEN SUCCESS,LOGIN SUCCESS, m) created by n Tasks cancelled due to error: takeEvery(FETCH CONVERSATION, N) takeLatest(persist/REHYDRATE,FETCH ENTERPRISE TOKEN SUCCESS,FETCH TEMPORARY ACCESS TOKEN SUCCESS,LOGIN SUCCESS, m)


Finally got this in my console. There seemed to be a large number of requests that seemed to cripple Serveo too in the same way that it did ngrok.

Connection to serveo.net closed by remote host.

Connection to serveo.net closed.

I’m afraid there’s not much we can do about that at the moment, sorry. But as Sam said we’re looking into this in the future.

@akelad I was away on vacation but I have more info on this. I’m afraid this behavior is also happening on my localhost without any tunneling software. If I test it on my admin console in Rasa X, it works fine but if I try out a conversation in a link to be shared with users, the second message again vanishes and follows the same UI behavior described above.

Hmmm, can you try upgrading to the latest version of Rasa X? If it still persists, it would be great if you can open a github issue