Problems in connecting Rasa with RocketChat

Hello guys!

I’m facing some troubles in the connection between Rasa and RocketChat. The conversation goes well until some random points in which Rasa sends the answers back (I can see that by debugging) but Rocket doesn’t show it. When I try to input again the message in chat, then it returns me the exception below:

Does anyone have any idea what this problem might be?


Mhm, are you maybe hitting some API limits of RocketChat?

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Yes, it turns out that it was actually about some RocketChat’s API Limits. By using WireShark, I could check the traffic of information between Rasa and RocketChat and then I found a little more information than the logs about what the problem really was:

"Error, too many requests. Please slow down. You must wait 2 seconds before trying this endpoint again. [error-too-many-requests]".

Rasa was trying to send the message back, but sometimes it was faster than the default speed rate limit of Rocket’s API.

I’ve found here the tutorial to configure Rocket’s Rate Limits and the problem was finally solved by this configuration.


rasa receives the message but the message does not appear in the live chat window !! do you know the problem