how can i expose two ports using ngrok. like, on one terminal ngrok http 5055 and on another terminal ngrok http 5002 ngrok_error

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@ravikrcs this isn’t relevant to Rasa, please ask on an ngrok related forum. Your free account can’t launch two sessions at once

ya, i got it thanks

@ravikrcs How were you able to do it? I think we were taking the same Rasa course at Learn how to Build a Chatbot in Minutes using Rasa

UPDATE I found a way courtesy of this tutorial Open multiple tunnels in ngrok using free version - Tutorials - HackerSploit

Once you open the 1st tunnel, in a new terminal window, open the second tunnel while specifying a different region. (my default region is ‘us’).

For example: 1st tunnel: ngrok http 5005 2nd tunnel: ngrok http 5055 --region eu

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