My rasa model make poor predictions when i add certain part in the story

I’m working on a virtual assistant that check an agent disponability, call them , check an appointment and send emails. after training ,it always respond with action_default_fallback i tried certain components in the config.yml , nothing changed. so i tried to eliminate the check appointment part from the stories and it works fine , whenever i put it again it returns action_default_fallback

Could you post your stories?


One thing I noticed is that you have a lot of stories that could be changed into rules. Combining rules and stories is the best way to build a conversational model.

In your case, stories such as:

  - checkpoint: goodbye
  - checkpoint: check_thank_you
  - intent: thank_you
  - action: utter_thanks

Can be changed into rules and it is certainly a good way to improve your model. Regarding your issue, I will review your data in a bit and get back to you.