Problem with action_default_fallback

After having a normal conversation with my bot. Sometimes if I try to hit some unknown question. It is running action_default_fallback 10 times rather than displaying only one time. Error :: rasa.core.processor - Circuit breaker tripped. Stopped predicting more actions for sender ‘fc157068df61418daabce39cdd692d27’. After this bot stops replying which it was replying correctly earlier. @desmarchris config.yml (1.9 KB)

@Abhinav can you share any rule/story you have defined for fallback? as well, are you overwriting the standard behavior in a custom action? If so, can you please share that code.

@desmarchris rules:

  • rule: Ask the user to rephrase whenever they send a message with low NLU confidence steps:
    • intent: nlu_fallback
    • action: utter_please_rephrase

Default Action

class ActionDefaultFallback(Action): “”" Show more results of the items “”" def name(self) → Text: return “action_default_fallback”

def run(self, dispatcher: CollectingDispatcher,
        tracker: Tracker,
        domain: Dict[Text, Any]) -> List[Dict[Text, Any]]:
    dispatcher.utter_message('Sorry! I dont  understand that. You can contact our customer care in case you dont get a reply to your query')
    return []


So this is happening because you’re not returning anything from this action. The default action_default_fallback returns: UserUtteranceReverted()

But since you aren’t doing anything custom with this, I would remove this custom action and use the default behavior. As long as you have your response defined under utter_default it should work as expected.

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