Rasa Stop predicting after two predictions and Predict next action 'action_default_fallback' with confidence 0.30

Am using : Rasa Version : 2.1.0 Rasa SDK Version : 2.1.2 Rasa X Version : 0.33.2 Python Version : 3.7.6

After training the model, I can predict one or two intents but after the model always predicts next action ‘action_default_fallback’ with confidence 0.30 saying “There is no memorised next action” and an ‘action_listen’ follows. Here is some captures. i predicted “hello” and “pharmacie” for the first one and it worked perfectly



stories image

domain image image

and there is no rules

Please help ! :pray: @amn41


Hi @M_R_LY, just to clarify, the whole conversation history is something like below?

User: Hi

Bot: hi

User: pharmacy

Bot: does something

User: pharmacy

I’m not sure how many stories you have written, but the one you’ve pasted there expects the user to say hello, pharmacies, and then Remerciement - if you don’t follow that path, the bot might not know what to do. I’d suggest writing some rules, if you e.g. expect the bot to always respond to “hi” the same way.

Hello i was testing the following exemple :

User : Hi

Bot: hi

User : pharmacy

Bot: does something

If I try to ask for a pharmacy again, nothing happens even if I follow the conversation described in the story. after the Remerciement he answers and if I ask for a pharmacy directly or if I follow the same example again in the story he doesn’t answer anymore. Its like he only answers to the hi and just one pharmacy. If i want to predict something else i have to stop the server and run it again.

You most likely just need some more training data, e.g. a story that starts with “Pharmacies” rather than “Salutations”. I would also strongly suggest using rules for some of these flows, please take a look at the documention for when and how to use them: Writing Conversation Data

Hello i added some rules and another stories and its seems to be working now i will continue and see for the other form

@akelad i have another issue am trying to implement dynamic form behavior i have 3 slots : “medecin” , “specialiste” and “location”. The slot “specialiste” depends on the value of the slot “medecin” . this is the scenario : the user give an input if the bot predict the intention doctor for example, he ask for the slot “medecin” and if the value is generaliste he ask for the slot “location” , if the value is “specialiste” we ask for another slot “specialiste” before the slot “location”. i have a ***validate_slot*** for each of them and a run function.

here is the form definition

the slot definition :

the run fucntion is in the class that implements FormValidationAction

My problem is the bot keep asking for the slot “medecin” and an this error occur

Failed to extract requested slot