Multi-skilled Rasa bot

Hi, I was poking around Rasa code and discovered nice undocumented (probably in development yet) feature of structuring bot by including other bots (called skills). The only mention in document I found is this rasa/multi-skill-assistants.rst at master · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub This is much anticipated functionality and I hope to have it. I tried it but unfortunately it is not working (hopefully yet!) because it overrides given training paths and includes only skills data.

Could you please shed some light on the feature roadmap?

Thanks a lot!


Hi @shasha79. Nice find! As of right now, multi-skill assistants is an experimental feature, which may change completely or be removed in the future. That is why it is undocumented at the moment. Some sort of public product roadmap is something we have been discussing. We recognize that it’s important for the community to have an idea of where we are all going, but we are still thinking through what this would potentially look like and how we would do this

Hi @tyd, is there any update about the multi-skill feature? Or any alternative approach to achieve that results? Thanks

@nico0016 This ended up becoming the MultiProjectImporter experimental feature. However, with Rasa Open Source 2.0, your domain as well as your training data files are modular, so this might be an even better option

Thanks Ty, appreciate the pointers. So, as I understand, the final bot after MultiProjectImporter will be composed of only one model that will be trained on all the intents and entities from each sub-project, as opposed to the master bot and specialized slave bots approach, is that correct?

@nico Correct. I’d recommend not using the meta bots approach