Regarding diffrent dataset

Hello there , I have 2 bot one is like faq bot and another one is for event booking so is there any way where i can have only one bot instead of 2 like initial have 2 folder strucutre but i want to reduce it to one (means will be having only one bot which will take care of both faq and event booking bot ) , is there any way to segregate dataset of both the bot (like will be having diffrent data for diffrent bot but rest other thing will be same) any suggestion regarding this will be helpful for me …

Thanks Saptami

hello there , any suggestion regarding above …

Have you tried using the MultiProjectImporter?

hey @saurabh-m523 , i tried to create folder structure like it’s mentioned in the above url but what are the comands to train or run action server for this …

If you have setup your config.yml correctly in both your projects, you can use the same old rasa train in the main project and rasa will import the data while training and train a single model containing data of both the projects. Same for running the server.

Ok so I think for running the action sever, you need to specify the path, or keep your action files in the main project. Sorry my bad :sweat_smile:

hey @saurabh-m523 ,i am getting following error

and how can i keep my action files in mainprojects you mean to say one action file containing both projects actions or something diffrent …

Hi @Beherasaptami!

Can you please post the config files of the root, project-1 and project-2?

hey @saurabh-m523 , see this is my folder structure ! and config files of project jk1 and jk2

but when i try to train it’s trainning the model jk2 and it’s skip to train model of jk1 same for rasa shell lke if m running rasa shell its respoding for project jk2 and not even able to recognize the intent of jk1 . i may be skipping some stuff not sure…config.yml (343 Bytes) config.yml (298 Bytes)

Ok so, ideally there should be 3 config files (one each for root, project-1, and project-2). In your case, you are treating jk1 as root, so I’m assuming that you are running the rasa train command from inside the jk1 folder. In that case,

put this in the config of jk1:

- name: MultiProjectImporter

- jk2

and don’t put any importers/imports in the config of jk2, and run the rasa train command when you are inside the jk1 directory.

hey @saurabh-m523 , how it will work like inside jk1 folder there is no config files

one config file is present at root folder and another is present inside jk2 folder .

I see your root config in the screenshot. Simply put this config inside the jk1 folder and run train from inside this folder.

I suggest you read the doc carefully.

hi @saurabh-m523 , now i am able to train both the models both are coming inside one model that is inside main folder , after that the main challenge is how will differentiate the domain like how my bot will understand about customer intention like i discuss with u earlier i have two different bot one bot is FAQ bot and another one is movie ticket booking bot so welcoming message by bot is diffrent for both the cases so how will tackle this problem . **and when i am trying to run rasa interactive it’s throwing error **

the main reason is it’s unable to fetch nlu and domain file which is inside projects folder … so basically how can i deal with this …