MultiProjectImporter without importing each other

MultiProjectImporter looks like a great feature that would be really instrumental for our use case. We want to build a sort of bot of bots where different teams can maintain their bot for their unique domain but then all the training data from the different domains can be combined into one general help bot. One snag that I see so far is the fact that each individual bot has to import the next and form a chain of imports. Since the bots would be developed in isolation it seems a bit hacky that they would have to know about each other and we would have to keep track of which bot is importing which… it would be better to list all the bots in the root config if possible… Is there a reason why this wouldn’t be possible? Could we maybe fork the MultiProjectImporter and create our own custom importer with that functionality or would we run into a a fundamental blocker in the way Rasa is designed?

Hi Tatiana and welcome to the forum.

The example for the MultiProjectImporter does imply that you would chain them together but you don’t have to set it up this way.

In the root of the rasa project, the config.yml could be setup with these entries:

- name: MultiProjectImporter

- projects/ChitchatBot
- projects/GreetBot


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Oh, that’s great news! Thanks for your reply!