Messenger bot does not respond to other users

Hi guys, i integrated my bot to messenger and it works well , but it only respond to me (admin) and not responding to other user’s messages (other facebook users) … I don’t know if i skipped a step or should i do something like publishing my app… any suggestions please

@hamzaghannem2 Are you using Ngrok?

@hamzaghannem2 I hope you followed all these steps if not check again OR

I followed these steps and the chatbot works fine , but when i asked one of my facebook friends to test the bot from his side, it failed to get an answer from him , i don"t know why maybe i should do something in the middle like publish the facebook app or something like that , to make it visible and workable for all facebook peers

@hamzaghannem2 Is that you using ngrok?

yes of course

@hamzaghannem2 means when you talk to bot its working fine and when your friend visit the page he is not able to see the bot or even chat? or he can’t even see the chatbot screen?

He can see the bot , and can send messages to him but without any response

@hamzaghannem2 Hope you not restarted the ngrok again? it should be same as you mention in Facebook?

yes it is the same of course … what i do not understand is why it works for me and not for other facebook users ,

@hamzaghannem2 I am drying run my code ok. let me check please.

ok thank you so much for your time

it’s public page , i will try to redo everything and create a new page and see what’s going on

@hamzaghannem2 Yeps. It make sense. In my case I am getting some system issue. I’m trying still. If not today may be tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you got the solution do share. Sorry mate.

thanks a lot for your help , i will let you know if i find a solution

@hamzaghannem2 Any update buddy?

No , actually i didn’t try today (i’ve a lot of work) i will see what to do tomorrow i tried to start the process from scratch i created new page and new application in facebook developer , and i had the same issue , only respond me and does not respond my facebook friends