Ngrok is not working on Facebook and Telegram

I tried to integrate my bot with telegram but the bot is not replying, so I tried to integrate it with Facebook messenger but the callback URL shows invalid. I checked that ngrok link in the browser it shows rasa:2.7. Is there any alternative solution to integrate?

@Shan Can you please see this video tutorial: MULTI CHANNEL CONNECTOR DEPLOYMENT TO RASA CHATBOT | FACEBOOK | TELEGRAM | SOCKETIO | WHATSAPP - YouTube OR See 3 Video tutorial Integrate Facebook Messenger with Rasa Chatbot | Part - 1 - YouTube

I know you have seen, but please see in detail again!

Hi @nik202 My ngrok link length is around 40. Is that problem? but that links works when I open in the browser. I have seen that video still I couldn’t figure out the issue.

@Shan what you mean by ngrok link length 40? can you share screenshot or anything


@Shan please share the ngrok screen on which it’s generated? did you validate the tokens for ngrok which mentioned on ngrok website?

@nik202 I solved that issue thanks Nik .

@Shan Great! Shanthosh…Please close this thread with the solution or share the solution for others.

I deleted the old model and retrained the model. Now it validates the messenger callback URL.