Making a human handoff

Hello community. I know this topic has been asked many times but in all the threads I haven’t found anything that would help me. I am new to using the RASA framework and would like to set up a transfer to a human. I have visited the financial demo and Helpdesk-Assistant but it doesn’t explain how it works when you want to transfer a conversation to a human.

I would like to know if anyone has managed to do this at home, please tell me how they did it and if possible, have the structure of their code that allowed them to do it.

Thank you

This is up to you and the platform you are using for live conversations. The handoff example shows one way of doing it switching between two Rasa bots.

One of the main points of that demo is to point out that the handoff should be handled by either the front end UI component or some middleware. It should not be done in the Rasa bot itself. Make sure you don’t put Rasa in the middle of the path between the user and your live chat platform.