“Human” Handoff Feature with Rasa

@Arjaan I asked you reagrding human handoff feature in my rasa bot on linkedin… Can u please guide me… Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@vivek22122014 , Can you please explain what you are trying to do?

Thanks for replying @Arjaan :slight_smile:

Actually I’m trying to add human handoff feature to my rasa bot on request from user

I have telegram channel for rasa to chat eg…

  1. step1: Bot: would you like to chat to our assistant
  2. step2: User: Yes
  3. step3: Then it control should go to human and human should reply instead of bot

@vivek22122014 are you able to solve this issue?

No @nik202 :frowning: I would be great help to me if you help me in implementing this

@vivek22122014 Can you answer some of my questions? Which one is your front end? Is it running local or on server? Using docker?

Sure I was trying clone these repo first but gets error in these also

I’m running my rasa on server but its not docker

@vivek22122014 Do you have any frontend or just running rasa shell?

@nik202 I’m using telegram bot not rasa shell

@vivek22122014 means you are looking a handoff for telegram and where you will direct the handoff?

@nik202 maybe webchat what do you suggest friend :slight_smile: , my bot is fully ready i need to integrate handoff only

@vivek22122014 did you developed the webchat front end or where it is running? local or some website?

@nik202 I thought to clone from any repo, lot available online

@vivek22122014 please clone it first and run both the frontend.

How do i integrate then??

@vivek22122014 what a webchat or handoff?

Read this: How to Build a “Human” Handoff Feature with Rasa

@nik202 thanks, I read this 2 times and trying to replicate it but getting error on my amazon s3

@vivek22122014 run it local first if you succed then you can deploy anywhere

@vivek22122014 This one is a easy process https://github.com/RasaHQ/financial-demohttps://github.com/RasaHQ/financial-demo try just see the main files in actions folder handoff.py and handoff_config.yml.

Tips: your other bot should be online whilst handle the request it can be live agent or other bot. Try use ngrok if one is running on s3 and other is running using ngrok. You can use Facebook also. See this link : Fallback and Human Handoff (I can understand you have seen this but still read it again and understand the process) Goodluck!

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@nik202 Thanks man, its very helpful