Hand Off to Human Agent

Hi. Very happy year.

I am looking for a way to implement a human agent in rasa. So far I have not succeeded. I have tried to use the work done in this contribution: GitHub - moaazsidat/rasa-handoff: Experiments with Rasa human handoff but without results (errors tracker.update (ConversationPaused). I would like to find, and with the help of the community, a solution to this problem It is a very important part of a bot.

Please, help.


We can talk? I have read quite a lot of yours about this problem

OK @Nicanor , i am also looking for the solution.

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Hey! Can you write me to emedinanicanor@gmail.com?


I will mail you tommorow.

good afternoon. I have an idea. I think we could rocketchat livechat function. However, I am not sure how to perform the integration since the custom action must send the user’s message and return the response of the agent to Rasa. anyone would like to help?

@Juste @akelad

girls, can you give me a help?

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@Nicanor @akelad @Juste @Tobias_Wochinger @Tanja Any update on this…

hello @Nicanor , @ravikrcs any update on the above …