Handoff to human

Hello everyone, I build a rasa chatbot fully working only problem is there that how human handoff work in rasa can someone help me out in coding part and algorithm how rasa human handoff work??

Yes, you’ll find past discussions of this topic on the forum. Check out the handoff example in the helpdesk bot. This example shows switching between two Rasa bots but the concept is the same as switching to a human channel.

hi @stephens I have read all related posts and topics in forum. but it isn’t clear for me. suppose i have a bot and a human operator. I should clone chatroom and also run my chat bot. my bot is working until user wants to connect to human operator. this trigger an intent and custom action that links to chatroom link?. now these are my questions:

  1. for running my chatbot model I should run this:  rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” in chatroom i have only a api call? (no need to run another rasa ?)

  2. can human operator see history of conversation between bot and user? or how can send this history for human operator in api call?

  3. can you guide me about REST part of credenitial.yaml. how should i change this? I would be so grateful if you guide me. thanks

Your first step should be to setup the example Rasa financial-demo and Helpdesk bots with the documented handoff configuration I referenced above. In the process, you’ll learn how this works.