Make a link fetched by rasa from database clickable on flutter app

I am making an app to guide college students through the campus. I am using realtime firebase database from where the rasa chatbot fetches the navigational links and firebase storage images links and displays on flutter in the chatbot page. These links are not clickable the appear as plain text. I had used the dynamic link method but doesn’t work when the url is fetched from database if it is hardcoded in the code then it works. please help. This is the file and below is the code to fetch navigation link:

below is the code from the domain.yml file: Screenshot 2024-06-02 102355 code connecting rasa to flutter

please help me make the links clickable so that when we click they redirect to the respected page. Thank you

One option would be for you to send the message in markdown and then have the flutter app parse the markdown to create the link. To do this, change the utter_give_location like this:

    text: Here you [go]({link})

Your flutter app would need to parse the markdown link syntax and present it as a link in the app.

Another option is to create your own custom output payload.