Hyperlink in Rasa Chatbot


I am using rasa chatbot and botui as my user interface. Here is the link to botui github.

I want the chatbot to respond with a hyperlink:

In my domain-file I write:

  - text: "Please click this link [Google Website](https://www.google.com/)." 

However, the user interface does not show a hyperlink. It only shows the text “Google Website”, which is not clickable.

I think the problem is in the user interface. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @Chatbot_Ra, unfortunately I think you’re right, it likely is a UI problem, so you’d have to ask the people at botui how to render links in their messages (e.g. this is markdown format, but perhaps they take a different formatting for hyperlinks).

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Hi, How to display links in my UI. Any help please

Hi @Chatbot_Ra were you able to send a hyperlink somehow ?

i guess to do that, we have to write an action to call for that site link {link} for the utterance action check the following youtube link for the solution

hello everyone any one can tell rasa=2.6 ,how to add url link link and redirect