How to have clickable links in your UI (made with rest)

I have searched everywhere and did not find a solution about how to make a clickable link in your chatbot message. utter_link doesn’t work for me nor does [ ]{ }. Brackets only work in rasa X but not with my UI. Someone please help.

@Anubhav What chat UI are you using?

I am using a modified version of this …

@JiteshGaikwad will likely be able to help with this :slight_smile:

@Anubhav the messge format which you are trying to send is in markdown format and will work fine with Rasa X since it support markdown, the Chat UI which I build doesn’t supports the markdown format, may be you can send the response as show in the link:

I tried using anchor tag, it works fine with materialize.min.css but if I use bootstrap.min.css then link shows only after hovering on in it, else it appears as text. I am using the same GitHub - JiteshGaikwad/Chatbot-Widget: ChatBot widget easy to connect to RASA bot through REST channel UI. Please help me what should I do to make the link appear as a link without hovering on it.Thanks in advance!

Thankyou! It worked for me.

@JiteshGaikwad is the solution still available somewhere? The link you provided is not working anymore.